An Instagram moment on Capitol Hill

Senate Democrats have chosen an Instagram moment over substantive political engagement – a whimper instead of the flash-bang tactics of past Supreme Court nomination proceedings. The boycott – like the walkout they conducted after the committee’s approval of Justice Brett Kavanaugh – may have been less combustive than past antics, but it was not more high-minded. One can only hope that future nomination proceedings are better models of civility.

‘Judges don’t have campaign promises’

The role of a judge was a theme throughout the day yesterday. Judge Barrett stuck to the Ginsburg rule–“no hints, no forecasts, no previews”–when she was repeatedly asked to opine on the specifics of past and upcoming cases. It would be inappropriate for any judge to tip her hand to how she might rule in a future case, and Judge Barrett’s commitment to judicial independence was on full display.

Senate Democrats reimagine the Supreme Court confirmation process

Judge Barrett concluded her opening statement with the words, “I believe in the power of prayer.” She may need to call on a higher power this week for the patience to endure a barrage of questions that are not about her or her qualifications for the Supreme Court, but to attack the President and boost the Democratic Party’s chances at regaining control of the Senate.